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Eye Care Services



Comprehensive Eye Exams

Learn what kinds of issues are spotted with an eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam includes eye tests and special care is provided for kids and adults. Dilation is an important part of a comprehensive eye exam because it enables our doctor to view the inside of the eye. Drops placed in each eye widen the pupil, which is the opening in the center of the iris (the colored part of the eye). You may request to have your dilation done at another time. 


Contact Lenses

At the first appointment, the patient receives a contact lens evaluation designed especially for those who are switching to contacts. Unlike the annual routine eye exam we recommend for all patients, a contact lens exam focuses mainly on eye-health issues related to contacts. Once that evaluation is completed, the doctor will find a lens with exactly the right amount of curve, thickness and diameter for the patient’s particular vision needs. You will then wear the lenses for a week and come back for a follow-up. This is where the doctor will make sure they are working well for you and finalize your contact lens prescription


Visual Field Testing

Visual Field testing is about measuring the quality of your side vision, i.e. peripheral vision. It includes covering one eye and focusing more on the other at a fixed point in front of you, and the peripheral vision is considered.


Vision Therapy
Millions of children will start school with a vision problem that may inhibit their ability to learn and may affect the rest of their lives. Vision therapy may help your child overcome these barriers.


Red, Pink or Sore Eyes?

Red eyes, pink eyes or sore eyes are experienced by many people. Our optometrists are highly skilled and can help in treating your issues safely.


Management of Ocular Diseases

It comprises of sight diseases, like – Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Cataracts, which have no outward symptoms or signs. Protect your vision by taking eye exams regularly including a retinal evaluation.


Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Care

Dr. Olsovsky assists in the care for patients having cataract and lasik surgery.


Dry Eye Treatment

If the tears are dispersing quickly, or the eyes are producing fewer tears, then you are experiencing dry eyes. Lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of eyes can cause major irritation, inability to wear contact lenses and increased risk of inflammation and eye exams. It can affect both or single eyes.



Try Latisse for longer and thicker lashes.


Glaucoma Testing

Internal eye pressure is measured in glaucoma testing, and a thorough scan of the retina is done to look for the signs of the disease. Eye drops dilate the pupil, and the doctor examines the eyes by checking the shape and color of the optic nerve.